Our Staff

Each year our staff manage approximately; 50,00 RYDA participants to 2,400 RYDA workshop sessions delivered by 470 trained facilitators over 400 days and complemented by 500 Rotary volunteers.

The team is responsible for the operations of RSE throughout Australia and New Zealand, under the direction of its Boards and educationally, under the auspices of the RSE Advisory Council. The company is headquartered in Sydney with a national office in Auckland. Reflected in staff roles, operations include all the elements associated with program development and quality, school engagement and program delivery, corporate governance and fiscal sustainability.

Each year RSE, through its team, releases a revised version of RYDA reflecting ongoing research to maintain alignment of the program with educational curricula, evidence and best practice.

Management Team

  • Terry Birss, CEO/Managing Director
  • Brooke O’Donnell, General Manager – Education & Communications
  • Maria Lovelock, New Zealand Manager
  • John Elliott, National Program Manager, Australia, and
  • Christina Anggono, Accountant/Office Manager

All are Sydney head office based except for the NZ Manager who is located in Auckland.

In Australia

  • Jane Ward (p/t) Media & Communications Coordinator, and
  • Lachlan Ward (p/t) who provides resources support

Program Coordinators are responsible for RYDA school engagement and program delivery and are based in Victoria, NSW and Queensland:

  • Catherine Smith, Senior Program Coordinator (p/t) (Vic)
  • Tracey Grinter (Sydney)
  • Hannah Olsen (SE QLD), and
  • Michelle Remy (Administrator – regional Australia) (p/t)

In New Zealand

Financial and funding administration support is provided (respectively) by:

  • Nola Lovelock (p/t), and
  • Nickie Mouncey (p/t)

RYDA Program Coordinators are:

  • Pearl Newman (Facilitator Trainer and Day Manager) (p/t),
  • Artemis Shirvani (Upper North Island),
  • Naomh Cusin (p/t) (South Island) (p/t), and
  • Natalie Alabaster (lower North Island from Wellington to Hawke’s Bay) (p/t)