May 2017 Newsletter – Road Safety Week Edition

This special ‘yellow’ edition of our Newsletter focuses on RSE activities during UN Global Road Safety Week (UNRSW) and Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Weeks in Australia and New Zealand.

During UNRSW we celebrated a huge milestone as student number 500,000 attended the RYDA program.  Also during the week, we welcomed new Ambassador, Andrew Morley, took part in community events and, as a Principal Partner of the Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week in Australia watched as well known structures, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, turned yellow for the occasion.


May 17 Newsletter

March 2017 Newsletter

This edition features news on the latest review and update of the RYDA Program, currently being delivered at all venues across Australia and New Zealand.  We also celebrate the 50,000th student in New Zealand, start gearing up for Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week, hear from our Advisory Council member, Dr Marilyn Johnson on recent research into vulnerable road users and delve into the issue of distracted driving.

Read these stories and much more in our latest newsletter.


March 17 Newsletter

September 2016 Newsletter

Exciting news for Road Safety Education Limited – we have completed and released a new Social Impact Study showing the social and economic value of the RYDA program on Australian and New Zealand communities.

The Study evidence shows that RYDA reinforces government and community road safety measures and, importantly, plays a critical role in filling the gaps where there are no established measures, thereby helping to reduce the burden of health, infrastructure and human costs.

Read all about it in our latest newsletter.  Also in this edition; RYDA heads towards half a million students, An alarming rise in road crash statistics, a word from our new partner, Bridgestone, a closer look at advanced driving courses and much, much more.


September 16 Newsletter

News Bulletin – June 2016

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Bridgestone, the tyre industry market leader, renowned for producing quality products and being at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Bridgestone join our other valued corporate partners, BOC, Toyota, Bosch and New Zealand Steel to help RSE in our mission to provide evidence-based road safety education that supports the development of a road safety culture, contributing to a reduction in road trauma.


Bridgestone Bulletin

May 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of the Road Safety Education Limited Newsletter.   This edition features a focus on the events of National Road Safety Week’s Yellow Ribbon initiatives.  We also introduce you to our passionate new Ambassador, share news from our Central Coast venue and our sponsors and let you in on what the students are saying about RYDA 3.1.  Make sure you check out the back page which features an interview with one of our fabulous After the Crash presenters.  All this and much more.


May 16

July 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of the Road Safety Education Limited Newsletter.  Our lead story explores the latest road crash statistics that show a 47% reduction in youth road deaths over the past 10 years.  Along with Government initiatives and campaigns and the introduction of safer cars and roads, education is a vital piece of the road safety puzzle and we are proud of the part we play.

We also announce an exciting new partnership with Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd, share some evaluation results from RYDA 3.0 and look into how the fast evolving world of gadgetry effects us as drivers.  All this and much more.


July 15 Newsletter

April 2015 Newsletter

It’s a bumper edition of our newsletter featuring an article by RSE’s newest Advisory Council Member, Dr Samuel Charlton.  Also featured are stories on the rollout of RYDA 3.0, a close look a the hidden road toll – those suffering life long injuries as a a result of a crash, an update on the recent Rotary Presents Elect meeting, a peek inside the teenage brain and much, much more.


April 15 Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter

It’s the end of a busy year here at RSE.  Check out this edition of our Newsletter for information on the upcoming release of RYDA 3.0, reports for our annual Supporting Excellence Awards and other exciting news from the world of road safety.


December 14 Newsletter

July 2014 Newsletter

This edition of the Newsletter leads with an article on the use of fear tactics in road safety education, featuring input from world renowned researchers.  Also in this edition, we share some results of surveying undertaken as part of the RYDA review, discuss the latest RSE Advisory Council meeting, hear from sponsors BOC and Toyota and take a look at the latest road toll statistics.  Our featured article on the back page is an interview with Dr Neale Kinnear, psychologist, road safety researcher and member of our Advisory Council.  All this and much more in the July 2014 edition.


July 14 Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter

This edition of the Newsletter features an article by Director of Education, David Murray on the new Australian health and physical education curriculum. Also in this edition, we discuss the review of the RYDA Program, NZTA’s new Drive Social Campaign, changes to New Zealand’s drink driving laws and some of the new active safety systems recently announced by Toyota. You will also get some tips on how to be more mindful as a driver as well as how to maximise a power-nap to help combat driver fatigue. All this and much more in the March 2014 edition.



December 2013 Newsletter

This edition of the Newsletter features an article by Dr Bridie Scott-Parker on parents’ role in teaching their children to drive.  Also in this edition, we announce RSE’s new Chair, as well as a new addition to our Advisory Council.  We also talk about RSE’s Annual Awards luncheon and our new Partner School initiative.  All this and much more in the December 2013 edition.



July 2013 Newsletter

This edition of the Newsletter features an article by RSE Foundation Vice Patron, A/Prof Dr Brian Owler giving a surgeon’s perspective of road trauma.  Also in this edition, we discuss the recent inaugural meeting of the Australasian Advisory Council, RSE’s new Corporate workshops, Toyota’s recent visit to RYDA, the future of driverless cars and a featured story from crash survivor, Tim Fisher on life with a traumatic brain injury.  All this and much more in the July 2013 edition.



March 2013 Newsletter

This edition of the Newsletter features an article by RSE AAC Member, Associate Professor Teresa Senserrick PhD that delves into the reasons why young people are more at risk of being involved in a crash.  Also in this edition, we introduce the recipients of the 2012 BOC RYDA Champions Awards, discuss what is being hailed as the ‘next best thing’ in vechicle safety, announce the winner of the student designed bumper sticker competition and welcome RSE’s new Director of Education.  All this and much more in the March 2013 edition.



November 2012 Newsletter

An exciting milestone for the RYDA Program and road safety education in Australia was recently celebrated at a RYDA venue in Brisbane when Jasmine Gregory, a Year 11 student from Mitchelton State High School became the 250,000th student in Australia to participate in the RYDA Program.  The event was celebrated by a large group of invited guests including Acting Chief Superintendent of Queensland Police Andy Morrow, Deputy Mayor of Brisbane Councillor Adrian Schrinner, Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve Minnikin MP, local Rotary District Governor Annette Richards and representatives from sponsors BOC, Kmart Tyre & Auto Service, Toyota Australia and Suncorp Insurance.



News Bulletin – September 2012

Terry Birss, CEO/MD of Road Safety Education Limited, is pleased to announce the establishment of the RSE Australasian Advisory Council (Council) and the appointment of the founding members.  Established by Charter, the Council’s objective and purpose is to provide advice and research on road safety education to support the development and continuing improvement and efficacy of RSE programs in reducing youth road trauma.  The Council will help ensure that RSE Programs remain evidence-based and at the forefront of quality road safety education for young people.  The founding members of the Council, three eminent researchers from Australia and New Zealand, bring a combined road safety experience and expertise to our organisation which is significant.



August 2012 Newsletter

The RYDA road safety education program for novice drivers and passengers was initiated by Rotary in Australia in 2001 and became established in New Zealand during 2007. RYDA now operates in four Rotary Districts in New Zealand and to date over 26,000 students in New Zealand have received the potentially life-saving messages delivered by the RYDA Program.



March 2012 Newsletter

RYDA Australia has changed its name to Road Safety Education Limited. Speaking at the launch of the new name, Road Safety Education Limited CEO Terry Birss said that the name change better reflects the mission of the organisation in helping to reduce youth road trauma in Australia. “Road Safety Education Limited, in association with our community partner, Rotary, will continue to provide our core road safety education initiative, the RYDA Program, to young people across Australia. More than 40,000 students now attend the RYDA Program annually and we will soon celebrate attendance from our 250,000th student” Mr Birss said.



Central Coast celebrates 20,000th RYDA Student

NBN News were on hand to help celebrate a milestone on the Central Coast along with RYDA Ambassador, Peter Frazer from the SARAH Group, Assistant Commissioner, John Hartley, Council Mayors and other long time RYDA supporters.


NBN Central Coast

Driving – the Most Dangerous Thing You’ll Ever Do

As the Central Coast prepares to celebrate the 20,000th local student to attend RYDA, special guests, Assistant Commissioner, John Hartley and RSE Ambassador, Peter Frazer from the SARAH group talk to ABC radio about the importance of road safety education for our young drivers and their passengers.


Peter Frazer

Students Get an Education on Safe Driving

Cheltenham Girls High School students should be cautious drivers once they gain their licenses after some sobering experiences at the RYDA road safety education program.


1602 Sydney thumb

Scheme aims to stop ‘life sentences’

Despite a decrease in the youth toll, a road safety programme hopes to prevent more young people from giving themselves “life sentences” if they cause a car crash.


1602 NZ Herald

RYDA 2016 Kicks off in Brisbane

The Channel 9 news crews joined us for our first 2016 RYDA program in Brisbane.


Brisbane Ch 9 thumb

Condolences Shared

The MAIL last week featured youth road deaths as its ‘Issue of the Year’, highlighting the horror year endured within the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley (Victoria) communities.  In response to this story, Road Safety Education (RSE), a national non-profit organisation committed to education youth, south to offer further support.


Vic Upper Yara 1601

Student Road Safety Programme Boosted

A programme to change the way young people behave on the road is being boosted with funding to extend it to east Auckland schools.

Road Safety Education offers a one-day programme called RYDA for senior high school students. It aims to change their thinking as drivers and passengers.


NZ Times

RYDA celebrates in the Illawarra

RYDA had cause for a double celebration at this year’s RYDA program – we welcomed our 15,000th student to the program after 10 years of operation in the area but the really big news is that over that same period, the number of young people killed on Australian roads has reduced by 47%.  WIN News were there to capture the day.


Illawarra WIN

Road to better drivers

Road Safety Education has been running the RYDA program for Illawarra high school students for the last decade.

In that time, more than 15,000 Illawarra students have seen for themselves how long it takes to stop a car going 40km/h, 60km/h and 80km/h, the importance of leaving a gap between you and the car in front and other things designed to give them knowledge that could save their lives.


Illawarra 2015 1

Training program drives safety message

THE road is at times a lethal place to be.  About 2000 Northern Tasmanian year 10 students will participate in RYDA program in the next two weeks.


Launceston Examiner

So, who’s the real crash dummy?

For the past three years the RYDA crash dummy at Victor Harbor has stood on the road as part of a driving demonstration on how far it takes to stop a car at various speeds, and each time the paper mache inside a wet suit has been splattered.


Victor Harbor 15 thumb

Year 11 students get lesson on road safety

Year 11 students from Woolgoolga High School attended the recent RYDA day to learn practical information on how to reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents.  The annual event was developed by Road Safety Education Ltd and coordinated by the Woolgoolga Rotary Club.


Woolgoolga thumb 2015

Road ready at Tocal College for the RYDA Program

Work is complete on a new road within Tocal College that’s vital for young driver education – an issue close to principal Cameron Archer’s heart.  The campus has in recent years hosted the RYDA program, which Dr Archer has been eager to support for personal reasons. The college has lost two students to road trauma during his time. “These incidents happened 20 years ago but you never forget,” he said. “It’s part and parcel of why we did this and I still worry about students on country roads.”


Maitland 2015b

Road safety education is key

RSE’s Director of Programs, Greg Rappo was a guest on Melbourne radio station 3AW’s Drive program with host Nick McCallum. The station had a 20 minute segment on road safety following the recent tragic death of an 18 year old driver and his two 17 year old friends – a fourth person involved in the crash in an outer Melbourne suburb was seriously injured. With a radio audience of over 377,000 people, Greg was given the opportunity to discuss the importance of the RYDA road safety education program and to recognise support provided by our sponsors BOC and Toyota and community partner Rotary.


Drive radio thumb

Tragic loss of life leads to school road safety program

Maitland lost a beautiful soul, one that had only begun to find its song, when a poor choice took Shannen Riggien from her family.  The year 12 student at Maitland All Saints College, St Mary’s Campus, was out with friends at East Maitland in January when she fell from the roof of a car. “If I could use this event to stop this happening to someone else that’s good,” her brother James said. “It could possibly save someone else’s life.”

The school will soon embark on the RYDA road safety program with the help of Rutherford Telarah Rotary that will bring back painful memories for James, who is in year 11 at St Mary’s.


Shannen Riggien

Road safety on radar for Rotary

AFTER a horrific car crash claimed the lives of three young students in Toowoomba in 2009, Rotarian Phil Chapman felt there had to be something the community could do to keep young people safer on the roads.  He knew he couldn’t prevent all crashes – but did want to improve the odds for students.  So the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program was brought to the Darling Downs.


Toowoomba 15 Thumb

RYDA Grads #payitforward for Road Safety Week

Glenn Ridge talks to RSE’s Program Venue Coordinator about the #payitfoward campaign for Road Safety Week.


mymp radio thumb

Car crash survivor shares story with young drivers

IT’S not often that someone dies three times and lives to tell their story to rooms full of teenagers with the hope of keeping them safe.  57-year-old John Perry from Bega has the aura of someone who is wise beyond their years.


Bega 2015 thumb

South Canterbury high school students learn safer driving

Around 300 year 12 students from Timaru Boys’ High School, Mountainview High School, Opihi College and Waimate High School have been attending the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) course held at Timaru International Motor Raceway over the last three days.


Timaru 2015 thumb

Learner’s in the driver’s seat

LOGAN’S youngest drivers have been given a helping hand in developing essential skills for life at Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre.

Logan Road Safety Advisory Committee Chairperson and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Russell Lutton, said he was proud council could provide such a great facility for the program, which is supported by local Rotary clubs.


Logan 2015 thumb

Bridgestone supports youth driver safety with new sponsorship

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Bridgestone, the tyre industry market leader, renowned for producing quality products and being at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Bridgestone join our other valued corporate partners, BOC, Toyota, Bosch and New Zealand Steel to help RSE in our mission to provide evidence-based road safety education that supports the development of a road safety culture, contributing to a reduction in road trauma.


Bridgestone MR

Arrive safely this Christmas – it’s the best gift you can bring

Schools out!! The hard work is done. Christmas is drawing near and long holidays are on the agenda.  Trips to the beach, parties… happy times lay ahead – as do dangerous times, especially for teenage drivers, eager to experience their new independence behind the wheel.

As we watch heartbreaking stories of young people losing their precious lives, hoping it never involves our own families…. Australia’s leading youth road safety educator, Road Safety Education Limited warns that now is the time for young drivers and their parents to follow some golden rules.


RSE Media Release 6

Remembering Genevieve – an experience for life

A split second decision behind the wheel took the life of 18 year old Genevieve Matarazzo and a close friend, causing a lifetime of grief for those left behind. The tragic loss of these two young lives is told in the “Remembering Genevieve” video shown to students attending the RYDA road safety education program and provides a powerful lesson to help students make smart decisions on how to stay safe as a novice driver or passenger.


RSE Media Release 5

Road Safety Education has cause for a double celebration in the Illawarra

As the leading road safety educator in Australia and NZ, RSE Limited will have two good reasons to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its award-winning program, RYDA, in the Illawarra on 21 October 2015.

RYDA will officially welcome its 15,000th high school student, as part of the one day program being run for all local schools at the Croome Road Sporting Complex, Albion Park, from 13 October to 5 November 2015. The really good news though comes with the release of the national road trauma statistics – and there is much to be celebrated!


RSE Media Release 4

Bosch Australia announces sponsorship agreement with Road Safety Education Limited

Bosch and Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) have announced a new partnership which will see the two organisations develop and implement strategies to achieve increased awareness of road safety programs amongst high school students.


Genevieve’s story is making our roads a safer place

The tragic impact on family and friends of a young person killed in a road crash was highlighted to over 150 local high school students who recently attended the RYDA road safety education program. Experiencing the story of 18 year old Genevieve being killed in a road crash may have caused a few tears but the message was clear that our novice drivers and their passengers need to take greater responsibility before they face the challenges of driving solo or being the passenger of a novice driver.


RSE Media Release 4

RYDA 3.0: What’s New?

This Bulletin is the second in a series to update our Community Partner Rotary, schools,  sponsors, government agencies and other stakeholders on the new RYDA Program 3.0 due for release in early 2015.

Bulletin 2 outlines the exciting developments in the RYDA Program.


RYDA 3.0 Bulletin 2

RYDA 3.0: A new and exciting advance in youth road safety education

This Bulletin is the first in a series to update our Community Partner Rotary, schools, sponsors, government agencies and other stakeholders on the new RYDA Program 3.0 due for release in early 2015.

RYDA has come a long way since it started nearly 14 years ago. The latest review and update aims to produce the best-researched and most effective road safety education program for senior secondary school students.


RYDA 3.0 Bulletin 1

Appointment of new Chair to the Board of Road Safety Education Limited

Former New South Wales parliamentary liberal leader, Kerry Chikarovski, has been appointed Chair of Road Safety Education Limited (RSE).  Since retiring from politics in 2003, Ms Chikarovski has successfully carved out a career in government relations and is a highly sought after media commentator, keynote speaker, MC, charity ambassador and board director.  Her appointment follows the retirement from this position of Geoffrey McIntyre, AM.



Putting the Brakes on Blacktown’s P Plate Casualties

NSW government figures show that between 2008 and 2012 alone, 523 17 to 20 year old drivers holding P plates in the Blacktown Local Government Area died or were casualties in car crashes. 523 young lives destroyed in a moment. 523 families devastated forever.



Making our roads a safer place

Over 150 senior high school students will be attending a potentially lifesaving road safety education program to be conducted next week. The RYDA road safety education program is a community based initiative that is coordinated through local Rotary Clubs to help make our roads a safer place.



Self-braking cars cheaper to insure

Technology which applies the brakes in slow-moving traffic if the driver isn’t paying attention — and miss a fender bender by mere centimetres — is now so reliable one of Australia’s biggest insurers will offer a discount of between 10 and 15 per cent on their policies.


Auto Braking

Authentic Learning Trumps Fear Tactics

An article by Mary Chamberlain, a New Zealand road safety education consultant,  on alternatives to using fear tactics with senior secondary students using road safety as an authentic context  to apply curriculum learning.


Fear Tactics

Finally, the Keys to Back-Seat Driving 2

A recent article from the Sydney Morning Herald reports that parents will be able to remotely control how fast their children can drive the family car, thanks to the latest technology.