The RYDA Experience

RYDA is essential road safety education for young drivers and their passengers.  It’s also a great day out of the school classroom for students to collaborate with their friends, work on personal strategies and get tips from road safety experts. This video shows a RYDA day from the student’s perspective.  It’s an excellent way to introduce RYDA to students and parents and give them a feel for what the program’s all about.

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You can also download the video to show at assembly or post of your school’s social media pages.  To save the video, click either the Australian or the New Zealand version and select ‘download’.

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RYDA video

RYDA – A Teacher’s Guide

For a quick but comprehensive overview of what RYDA is, how it works and how it can support you in delivering road safety messages to your students, scroll through our Teacher’s Guide to RYDA.

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RYDA 4.0 Flyer (Australia)

This electronic flyer gives parents an overview of the RYDA Program content and can be emailed home with permission notes.  This flyer is for schools attending RYDA at the metropolitan and regional venues in Australia.

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RYDA 4.0 Flyer (New Zealand)

This electronic flyer gives parents an overview of the RYDA Program content and can be emailed home with permission notes.  

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The RYDA sessions are designed to use a variety of delivery techniques, including powerful videos, group work, role plays, demonstrations and deeply personal stories from crash survivors. We recognise that everybody learns differently so RYDA’s varied approach aims to resonate personally with every student and help each person develop their individual road safety strategy.

That’s why, when we ask students to tell us what their favourite session was and why, we get an equally varied mix of responses. This flyer collates student feedback on each of the sessions.  For further testimonials from teachers, parents, students and road safety experts, please see our testimonials page.

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RYDA supports the school curriculum

Curricula in Australia and New Zealand prescribe road safety-related topics in Health/PE (eg. safety, well-being), Science (eg. reaction time, speed and acceleration), Maths (eg. stopping distance, speed measurement), English (eg. research methods, visual language, personal writing, drama) and other subjects. It also allows teachers to choose contexts in all learning areas, and to support General Capabilities (Australia), and Key Competencies (NZ).  Download this document to see how the RYDA program fits the Australian and New Zealand school curriculum.

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Promote your RYDA day on your school’s Facebook page

To help you get those parental permissions in, try posting this image to your school’s social media pages or inserting it into the school newsletter in the lead-up to your RYDA day.  To download, click ‘view resource’, then right click on the image and select ‘save image as’.

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Facebook Post

Sample Permission Note

Need help putting together a permission note for your RYDA excursion? This sample outlines some (but not all) of the information you may wish to include. Please refer to the letter of confirmation you will have received from Road Safety Education for complete details.

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Venue and Safety Information for School Excursions

Putting together a Risk Assessment for your upcoming RYDA Program?  This outline of venue and safety information should help you with the key aspects of the program.

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Best Practice in Road Safety

Choosing a road safety education program is a bit like selecting a safe car – you should only choose a program that performs best when bench-marked against what research indicates will produce the best outcome for students. Most jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand have published guidelines or principles on what constitutes ‘Best Practice’ for youth road safety education.

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Government Curriculum Resources by Jurisdiction

To support teachers in New Zealand and Australian states and territories, governments have provided curriculum resources and learning activities appropriate to their jurisdiction’s curriculum and road safety context.

Curriculum Resources NZ Curriculum Resources NSW Curriculum Resources QLD Curriculum Resources SA Curriculum Resources TAS Curriculum Resources VIC  Curriculum Resources WA


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Authentic Learning Trumps Fear Tactics

An article by Mary Chamberlain, a New Zealand road safety education consultant,  on alternatives to using fear tactics with senior secondary students using road safety as an authentic context  to apply curriculum learning.

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Fear Tactics

Maximising RYDA participation benefits among students by offering complimentary NZQA standards

Find out more about how RYDA can assist students gain NZQA credit with this FAQ page

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