Organising RYDA & Promoting to Students & Parents

Coordinating an excursion can be challenging, from chasing permission slips to writing risk assessments. We would like to help you with that task.

Enter here for sample documentation, templates and promotional tools to help get your students and their parents enthusiastic about attending the once in a lifetime RYDA experience.

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Using Road Safety as an Authentic Context for Classroom Learning

The most effective approaches to road safety education involve a school wide approach that happens over time, is embedded in the school curriculum and reinforced by the  classroom teacher. By integrating road safety into classroom learning, your students’ RYDA excursion will have an even greater impact as they become active citizens with positive, socially connected road user identities.

Enter here to see how you can effectively integrate road safety into your classroom in the lead up to and following on from RYDA.

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Post RYDA Follow-up Resources

Remember, your RYDA day is not the end of your student’s road safety journey but rather, a great way to frontload their road safety knowledge and give them a new context for their  classroom learning both prior to and post attending RYDA.

Enter here to find a variety of resources that will help you keep the learning going.

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